A campaign extension for giffgaff's 'Free to stay, Free to go' that gets everyone saying 'maybe'. 

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giffgaff is a mobile network with freedom. There are no long contracts so you can opt in and out when you like. It's for the indecisive.

Our campaign starts with a manifesto that celebrates the indecisive, the 'maybe-ers' of society.


giffgaff will begin by launching the world's most indecisive billboard. People will be able to tweet in their suggestions and giffgaff will, maybe, add them to their advert.

Print will also be released.

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Banner ads will encourage people to think indecisively.


Various activations will also bring 'maybe' into the physical world.

Stella Artois will filter out part of the Thames for the day to create the river's first ever swim-up bar.

A partnership with Pizzahut will offer special prices on half and half pizzas.


A secret 'maybe' party will happen, but only if enough people commit to 'maybe' coming.

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A 'maybe' tattoo parlour will pop up at festivals across the country providing people who don't want to commit to the needle with temporary tattoos.


#giffgaffMaybe was created in collaboration with Annabel Cook, Inga Ziemele, Josh Thompson, Matthew Lewis and Geometry Global as part of WPP Academy 2017.